Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Garden Design Begins Inside Your Home

No matter where I sit or walk-by and see into my garden, there is a beautiful view.
Anything less is not worth my intellect.  
Nor my joy.

Bay window view, above, is a huge satisfaction.  Several homes & the main street flagrantly try to appear & fail.

  Adore the fragrance of Nature, above.

I need many places inside my house, & garden, for the impromptu lunch, or reading a book.

Designing your garden from inside your home insures your life a moat of grace & beauty in defense of every thing life concocts.
Garden & Be Well,  XO Tara
Pics in my house.


La Contessa said...

Love Love Love your screen door!Never seen anything like it!YOUR HAT COLLECTION!
I agree with you bring the garden inside.Create vistas.That window in the front the floor!WELL DONE!Looks like you have the perfect abode!

Janie Jurkiewicz said...


Patty Rumaker said...

There is nothing better than sitting in ones house and looking out at the gardens that were carefully and purposely planted for pure enjoyment. What a lovely post.
Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

Nita Stacy said...

Never mind the outside...I loved seeing a little of your home!

Pink Overalls @DIY Home Staging said...

Thanks for inviting us in, Tara. Lovely!

Lori Buff said...

I have screen door envy.

Kay said...

Thanks for the peek inside your home. The views inside and out are so soothing.

Lydia said...

Beautifully executed design. Thank you for sharing. Now that I am inspired- I am out of this chair and into the rain...