Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Southern Vegetable Plate

Leftovers this week, Southern vegetable plate.

Bought at, Sherry's, the local vegetable stand in Tucker, GA.

Common, too, this dinner traveled its first nite.

Served on my girlfriend's inherited Wedgwood, below.

Sadly, both meals were inside.  Temps pleasant, rains abundant & mosquitoes in charge.
Rethinking a screened porch addition.
More than dinners, several weekend breakfasts have been inside when all was well outside, except the mosquitoes.
Native honey bees thrive in my garden cannot bear the thought of spraying for mosquitoes.
Garden & Be Well,  XO Tara
Pics taken Sunday & Monday.  3 decades in this home, and this is the first summer mosquitoes are truly in charge.  Screened porch is in the 'talking' stage.  Missing meals outside has become more than I'm willing to do without.


Lori Buff said...

I use a fan outside to keep the bugs away while we're dinning or reading. The breeze is welcome by us but not the mosquitoes.

Burning incense also helps.


Home and Lifestyle Design said...

Black eyed peas! Last week in a local restaurant in Dallas TX, I ordered black eyed peas. They were hard as rocks, barely cooked, and then the waitress asked me why I wasn't eating them. I miss the south something awful.
Thanks for sharing.

Betsy said...

My mom used to fix dinners like this for us every night. So healthy and sooooo good
betsy said...

Oh, that plate looks so good!

I read in the New York Times last week that a blowing fan set on a low table discourages mosquitoes. They can't fly in a breeze.