Thursday, May 2, 2013

Choosing Color for a Fence & Fixing a View

May Day, yesterday, at one of my jobsites, below.

White fence?  Not happening.  Made the space smaller & became a focal point.  Detracting from the focal point of the home.

Now, above/below, a blend-into-the-background Benjamin Moore Alexandria Beige.

See the stop sign, roads, & home across the street?  Of course you do.  Ouch.
Soon evergreens in a tapestry hedge, with fruit trees, will create a garden with grounds and no offensive views.
Can it get better?  Yes, using existing evergreen shrubs needing to be moved anyway.
Garden & Be Well,         XO Tara
Pics sent from client.  Lucky children, my last May Day pole was in the 60's.


Renae Moore said...

Love your header Tara!

Kathy said...

I adore your blog. You are gifted.
But I can't agree with you on the fence. I so love a white fence. ...if not white then rail fences look spectacular painted black. (Horse country style)

Divine Theatre said...

I love the fence! This post is so meaningful to me, as I have lots of views to block!



luv2garden said...

I am learning so much from your blog....thank you! I like the color of the "new" fence, but, since it's painted, I'm thinking it will require more maintenance...with my white fence, I like not painting wood anymore, though I still have to wash the white vinyl every other year or so.

nanne said...

i do not know how have i have gardened for so many years and never heard of a tapestry hedge. thank you for introducing me to something so wonderful.