Friday, August 5, 2011

Leather Hinges

Have your eyes locked on the Leather Hinges?

Mary Kistner, a mentor, said, "It's what we do with what we have."  No, I wouldn't have thought, EVER, of leather hinges.
Of course I contacted Penelope Bianchi, this is her garden, about her leather hinges.
Her man, adore that phrase & adore women gardeners who say it, has done many years of volunteer work in other countries.  He learned from them to use everything.
Thank you 'Her Man' & Penelope for widening my horizon, to see Leather Hinges.  Of course I can't wait to see these with more age on them.  
Garden & Be Well,    XO Tara
There should be a special sainthood for that class labeled 'Her Man'.  By the time 'SHE' calls he KNOWS whatever it is is impossible but he will do it, because he's 'Her Man'.


penelopebianchi said...

Oh thank you again......maybe I should wait until you are finished!

I never expected these! I absolutely love it! You find my most counter-intuitive things!

Bravo!!! I mean it......and you know it!

Bravo! And what fun!

ps I choke up and tear up each morning....and I think it is the last. You have no idea how much this means to much! thank you! I will thank you appropriately on my blog. I will learn how on Monday!



Desert Dweller said...

Leather hinges - that would be quite popular here in the outlaw-cowboy-biker southwest! Never thought of that.

Using what you have - yes! In cleaning up my own garden from the big freeze and drought, the contractor moved an ignored agave and numerous pups of that and other plants, that have new, prominent homes. I only have to buy a small number of new replacement plants!

If only I could have mined the granite bedrock before this house was built.

JeanMarie said...

The wall with the partly open gate and inviting lantern inspires the first lines of several lovely scenarios. Beautiful

mytwocentsworth said...

This term, I believe, is synonymous with (the now widely known term) "the Help."

La Petite Gallery said...

That's a first for me. Look at the bright side no WD40.