Monday, December 27, 2010


Looking in, below, my new conservatory.(Hope you've seen, I Capture The Castle, from the book below.)
Knowing I wanted the Conservatory was easy. Clear focus was not.
A pond had to be removed, my property is tiny, to site the Conservatory.
Mr. Beloved Bullfrog lived in this pond, his pond was on perfect axis from each window at the back of my house. I lost focus; emotions were involved.
After contacting a bullfrog expert (it's important to know the right people) a plan was devised. My guys dug a trench draining water slowly. We captured Mr. Beloved Bullfrog in a large bucket. He was trotted to his new home in my other pond.
Siting the conservatory & creating a landscape design were easy, once the focus was clear.
Garden & Be Well, XO Tara
Clear focus. But tough choices. Love my Conservatory, no regrets about the pond.


Jeanne said...

Tara, I love the peek into your new conservatory! I think a little statue of a bullfrog is going to be a glad he was recovered safe and sound :)
I have the movie, ICapture the Castle, in my stack for holiday viewing. I loved it the first time around.

Best wishes for a Happy New Year...may it be Merry and Bright :)

Jeanne xx

Lori Buff said...

Thank you for considering what creatures are sharing your garden space. Isn't it nice to have the space you want without guilt.
Well done.

Emom said...

Keep us up to date on Mr. Bullfrog! smiles.

Janine Robinson said...

your sure seem focused to me! it's coming together so quickly (from my perspective, anyway) and beautifully. i think i read "capture the castle" years ago, but need to refresh on that one! said...

Good choice Tara,a conservatory over a pond? Its a no brainer!How many seconds did it take to make that decision?
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.