Monday, November 8, 2010

Sir Hardy Amies, Constance Spry, David Hicks

Constance Spry, below, of floral fame. A nice article about her in yesterday's NYTimes.With her, ca. 1960, Sir Hardy Amies.
A decade (longer?) ago I visited a fabulous (you know, like, cool, shazam, wow, the best EVER) teeny garden in the Cotswolds; its owner absent. Leaving, my guide said, "The owner is couturier to the Queen." Yeah, whatever, I'm an American & you think I'll fall for anything.
I bought, David Hicks, My Kind Of Garden, Edited by Ashley Hicks, last year, it includes Sir Hardy Amies garden. Bingo, my beloved little garden.
In the pic, above, it lists Sir Hardy Amies as, "...the clothing designer..."
When I can sweet-talk my way into using a SLIDE PROJECTOR in this dreadful PowerPoint era it's pure selfishness to see my dear, darling, perfect gardens in rich, soul satisfying colors. Sir Hardy Amies garden tops the list, of course there is Helen Dillon's garden too, and.....
Garden & Be Well, XO Tara
My dream PowerPoint presentation? 4 machines, facing the 4 compass points, in a huge auditorium. You'll be sitting amongst the garden: looking forward-backward-left-right. Poppets, how many gardens do you think can be shown this way? It's exactly how I design gardens, every direction beautiful. Those preaching: sustainable, eco, green, organic, pollinator & etc.... set a very low bar and harm PUPPET BARBUDA'S beloved Landscape Design profession. Gardens must be all of these things and a Vanishing Threshold with the interiors of your home, and, low maintenance. Anything less than epiphanical and the giver of grace, well, Puppet Barbuda is sad for those 'poor unfortunate souls' living with such a landscape.
Indeed, I asked my lecture venue in St. Louis, MO next year for 4 PowerPoint projectors, he laughed!!!!
Pic taken from the NYTimes article.


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I devoured this article yesterday.
Must, must get the book!

Desert Dweller said...

YES! I am delighted that Puppet Barbuda cringes at all the terrible green-washing.

I live in a place where most of our "peers" mismatch plants with climate, soils, and never get it...or want to get it...including design. And the public loves and demands that.

Yes, it is *all* important!

Maybe even (4) PPT projectors...

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

I hope I can put all these 'ideas' together in our little garden that will be surrounded by picket fencing and viewed from the kitchen and office windows. It will come together a little at a time and I can't wait to get digging and planting next spring. Until then...the digging and post laying continues. Maura :)