Thursday, November 11, 2010

Axis, Bench, Focal Point In Your Landscape

A note yesterday, "Should I buy a pair of these.....?" "Yes", in reply.$200 each. Don't know the name of the shop. Designed her Birmingham, AL landscape a year ago & know there is a perfect place.
Where? TBD !!!!
Why is To-Be-Determined so extraordinarily exciting, always, in a landscape? When, many parts of life To-Be-Determined contains a wariness, an acceptance, a sense of 'this too, shall pass'. (Trees are noble shedding their leaves. Enriched by what they shed. A metaphor to hang on to. Oh, no, I have to relearn it over-over.....)
Garden & Be Well, XO Tara
Pic via Birmingham........ I'm partial to benches as focal points. You may never have time to sit on your bench but looking at a bench from inside your home gives the illusion of repose.


Hartwood Roses said...

Was just explaining the Bench and Axis concept to the Husband yesterday, as he helped me lay out a new garden that has an arbor bench on axis with the door to the cottage. He didn't quite get it, until I had him stand in the middle of the garden and turn around ... sometimes you just have to see something in order to 'see' it, ya know.

Desert Dweller said...

Yes...viewing a pleasant sitting place at a focal point does help one to feel some sense of relaxation...and eventually, one will relax there.

Yet people question why I often include seat walls in my designs. Hmmm...invite relaxation?

Southernsweetie36 said...

Beautiful bench.!!!! Would definitely like a pair. Where/ how can I order them? Would make my day to have them....okay, saying it would make my month is closer to being honest. Please let me know! Thanks.

Southernsweetie36 said...

I would definitely like to have a pair of those benches. Could you please tell me how or where to get them? Getting those as a focal point for our yard would be perfect!!! It would definitely make my day… Honestly it would make my month and probably even my year. I love them!!!!!,,,Thanks

Tara Dillard said...

Southernsweetie, alas, no resource....

xot :{