Friday, November 13, 2009


Gertrude Jekyll, world's 1st landscape designer, said the first thing she considered when designing a landscape was what to put on the wall. I literally set her book down when I read that sentence. To digest. Why?
No symposium, book, magazine, college professor ever, EVER, said to put anything on the house.
Jekyll's sentence rocked my world. Hope it rocks yours.
Gertrude loved to use CLEMATIS MONTANA on walls.
In Italy, I discovered every conceivable plant espaliered. EPIPHANY: use espaliered shrubs instead of vines. Much, much-much-much, easier. No wires, no trellis needed.
Shutters, tool bouquets, art, faux doors, faux windows, birdhouses & etc. are also in your quiver; adding interest to your walls.
Garden & Be Well, XO Tara
On my wall, above, she's hanging on the nail vacated, for the moment, by my dovecote which is in the repair shop. The Yellow Pages delivery person smashed it to smithereens. (A Christine Sibley piece bought at her gallery/garden before she passed. Every piece of hers was bought off the 'seconds' table, 90% off.) Do you have a landscape larder for garden emergencies?????????


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I have a row of antique wooden mirrors, rather gothic in style, that hand all down my side fence in the back garden. People always think they are cut outs that look into another garden. I love them!!

By the way, I desperately want to replace a New Dawn rose that climbs all over my bay window with a Virginia Creeper, having fallen in love with them in the UK. Besides, the rose really only shines for two weeks in May. The rest of the time it just grabs my hair as I walk by. Will I regret the Creeper??

Landscape Designer said...

Lovely lady on your wall. What else is in your larder??
Sandra Jonas