Sunday, September 20, 2009

PRETTY vs. GOOD: Perennial Garden

Perennial gardens are like people, they may be pretty, but, are they good? Winter is the test of every beautiful perennial garden. Is it pretty in winter?
Above, a good perennial garden: canopy & understory trees, backdrop hedge (fence-wall-house are fine too), boxwood. Each element forming structure/bones for the winter landscape.
Dwarf conifers are great in the perennial border. They peak in winter. Of course, in my Southern zone 8, rosemary is evergreen and blooms all winter. La-ti-da. Sweet.
Garden & Be Well, XO Tara
Pic from Golden Age Gardens


Maria Killam said...

That is so true, does it look good in the winter. I love boxwood, I don't have enough of it in my garden!

Sheila said...

Beautiful and lush!

Devon said...

The sedums, the sedums...aren't they amazing? I just took a picture of the sedums at my parent's place and posted it. That pink just burns in my mind. So gorgeous.

I would LOVE to have my garden look like this. It's stunning.

lady jicky said...

I have alot of roses that do not look good in winter but - box hedging really helps !