Saturday, August 8, 2009


Landscaping is cooking by recipe. Cooks have larders. Do you have a LANDSCAPE LARDER? In Texas last week I gardened with my sister. Frustrating. She had no LANDSCAPE LARDER.
We needed brown twine, tall bamboo stakes, chicken wire, wire cutters, time release fertilizer, brass 'Y' connectors, mulch and etc.
With each need I traipsed to her garage. NOTHING.

My garage? It could outfit her landscape, and a few others, without a dent.

Buying mulch? Potting soil? Twine? A focal point? Stepping stones? Clay pots? Organic fertilizer? Brass hose connector? Watering can? Get extra for the LANDSCAPE LARDER.

My horticulture degree never brought up the topic of LANDSCAPE LARDER. Nor symposium or Extension Service.

Scotland was my first garden study tour. Each garden had a LANDSCAPE LARDER.

Need a 10' soaker hose? Buy 2. Need the tiny 1" sprinkler? Buy 2.

Most gardens need 2 secondary LANDSCAPE LARDERS. Keep a collection of tools near the front of your property & another at the rear.
With 20 minutes to garden in the backyard will you traipse to the garage, at the front of your home, for clippers & trug? Keep a basket of useful things at your backdoor: pruners, scissors, twine, clogs, weed popper, trowel, gloves, flashlight, spider stick, & etc. And at your frontdoor.
My garage? A fantasy LANDSCAPE LARDER: pruners, power tools (saw, drill, hedge trimmer, drimmel), ladders, shovels, rakes, post hole digger, trowels, focal points, organic fertilizers, water nozzels, hoses, chicken wire, wire cutters, watering cans, bamboo stakes, 2x4's, antique patio chairs, patio tables, birdhouses, netting, 2x2's, tomatoe cages, potting soil, tarps, pond pumps, lanterns, candles, citronella oil, pails in all sizes, troughs, yardsticks, tape measures, nails & screws all sizes, hammers, copper sheeting, clay pots, glazed pots, pot trays, wheel barrows, and etc.
Buy quality for your LANDSCAPE LARDER. Cheap tools do a poor job and damage plants.
I don't get more done in my landscape because I'm a professional. I get more done because of my LANDSCAPE LARDER.
Use your LANDSCAPE LARDER to gain more.
Garden & Be Well, XO Tara
Pics of artwork by Olaf Hajek.
OMG, think I would ever show a picture of my garage? Truly, my bad.

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I like the artwork and you really should put up a picture of your garage, the inside of course.

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