Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Enter as I did. A gap in the hedge. No hint of what lies beyond. Curious? Standing in the gap, seeing a charming garden. A small Howard's End.
Echoes of the frontdoor................ the back wall of the summer house.

More evergreen hedges, below, leading where? Mystery. A potager? Clothesline? Chaise lounge for sunning nude?

Flagstone terrace, not lawn, at the house. Extending the house.
This house doesn't have a back. Each side is delightful.
Lead horse trough now a rain butt.
All the sticks & browns soon to become blossoms, calendar shots.
Winter's bleak chic more important than the ease of spring/summer blowzy caresses.
I didn't want to leave this Howard's End-a new clip- world-life-feeling-energy-joy.
This dirt path is landscape design brilliance. A feeling of the country in the city & cementing the idea of being in another garden room. Leaving the garden through another gap in the hedge. Tara's Golden Circle: the ability to enter/leave a garden room through 2 or more doorways. A little design trick I observed in the best of old landscapes.
This landscape is a several hour design class but you're busy. Thanks for taking the time to walk in the garden with me.
I shot these pics last month at the Birmingham England Botanic Garden.
Garden & Be Well, XO T


Tatyana said...

Tara, I enjoyed walking through this garden. I like its style. Thanks!

Tara Dillard said...

I've discovered when you're in a fabulous garden and remember it later the feelings you had in the garden return.

Feelings of calm, discovery, excitement, wonder. Whatever it was, return simply by thinking.
XO Tara

casacara said...

A dirt path is brilliant?! Goody, because that's all the path I can afford;-)